Working online from home in the fields of e-commerce and e-marketing has always been a dream for every Arab person especially youth. By using the power of the internet that dream is no longer fiction but reality. Dr. Khaled Mohamed Khaled, being an expert and a professional advisor in e-commerce and e-marketing, has taken responsibility to spread this science among all Arabs. Here is a summary of some accomplishments he made during a long 20-year journey of giving:

Initiation of teaching and recruiting Arab youth made by Ecommerce Club for Arabs

Initiation of teaching and recruiting Arab youth made by the E-marketing and E-commerce Syndicate

Initiation of teaching and recruiting Arab youth made by the Egada charity organization Previously known as Khaled Mohamed Khaled’s organization

Teaching and educating all Arab youth through the “Yalla Ya Araby” initiation

Launching “We gonna reach what we wish for” initiation to develop every Arab’s abilities

Launching “Takeaway Profits” which is a free website to help youth making money online

The “Million blogs to support tourism” initiation seeking employment of a million Arab people online

The “Online Merchant” initiation to help Arabs, either individuals or companies, to export their products and services through the internet

Initiation to employ young Arabs by the biggest platform in freelancing in the Arab world

The first trip Dr. Khaled Mohamed Khaled has made to the United States marks the beginning of his scientific message. He studied an internet diploma there and worked as an e-commerce specialist in an American company for 6 years. He preferred to get back to Egypt to help every man, woman and company to grow and make money using the power of the internet.

So, in brief, who is Dr. Khaled Mohamed Khaled?

  • Chairman of GBC “Global Business Channel” International
  • Expert and advisor in e-commerce and e-marketing in both the Arab world and USA
  • Expert and advisor in Internet crimes
  • Chief of e-marketing and e-commerce Syndicate
  • General Manager of the E-Commerce Club, Cairo University
  • Executive Director of the American e-Commerce Club - Delaware State.
  • General Manager of China Electronic Commerce Club - Yiwu City.
  • Director General of the Turkish E-commerce Club - Istanbul.
  • Executive Director of the UK E-Commerce driving License Foundation
  • E-Commerce Consultant at ITIDA - Egyptian Ministry of Communications
  • Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Egada Charity Organization.
  • Director General of E-Commerce Center.
  • Lecturer in Information Network Center - Assiut University.
  • Lecturer at the Foreign Trade Center - Egyptian Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  • E-Commerce Specialist, Pennsylvania Institute, New York Member of the American Marketing Association "AMA".
  • Import, Export and Foreign Trade Specialist 1991 – 2015 Lecturer in many NGOs in the Arab world
  • Certified Trainer at the World Islamic Youth Conference - Cairo Office
  • Training and development consultant at the Technical Academy for Training in Saudi Arabia
  • Lecturer and e-commerce consultant at B2B company in UAE
  • Training consultant and lecturer in several centers in the Sultanate of Oman
  • Lecturer and General Counsel at Al-Mawhoub Training Company in Libya
  • Training consultant and lecturer at the Charisma Institute in Sudan
  • Lecturer in several centers and universities in Gaza.